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Planted Watermelons last weekend!

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Dad planted 10 rows of Black Diamonds last weekend, so the season is officially on! He also expanded his canteloupe by planting 900 seeds in the first planting of those. Then he went out the next day and field mice decimated the planting. Ate nearly every seed in the row. He has declared war on the mice and set many traps out to battle the problem. That’s it for now! 


Merry Christmas from the Holmes Family to yours!

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Merry Christmas from the Holmes Family to yours!

Just some past Christmas adventures of the Holmes Family and our pets!

End of July Update…

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Well it’s not looking good for the pumpkins and squash,some plants have started dying off.  They need rain pretty badly. The watermelons are hanging in there so far. The good news is we finally got the worst of the weeds out of them and the vines seem to have stretched out. The deer damage has started to fall behind the growth of the watermelon vines, however , they still manage to bust open plenty of watermelons every night.  Here are a few pics taken about two weekends ago…



The Squash isn’t look quite as good, needing rain more than the watermelons.

Decimating Deer…

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The Deer have increased their tastes for our watermelon plants this year is seems!

Deer are being hard on our melon plants, chewing off the vines.

First Planting in the ground!

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Helped Dad do some planting this weekend, got 7 rows planted! Let the watermelon season begin! 🙂

Popcorn Day tomorrow!!

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Will be at Popcorn Day in Hamburg with Watermelons tomorrow! We picked around 39 melons tonight.  That’s all we will have for the day unfortunately, but at least we have some. So look for us in the park tomorrow!  🙂

3 weeks and we may have some melons!

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Was home last weekend and Dad said that he estimates 3 weeks and we may see some watermelons ready to eat.

So stay tuned for updates for when we start picking some watermelons to sell!  🙂   —  Scott

The Melons are growing!

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Got to help in the watermelon fields this past weekend thought I’d drop a couple photos on here…   -Scott


Patch Status

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They're looking really good right now.  First plantings are vining out 6-8 inches long.  Plants have truned a dark color and are large husky plants.

I've gotten a little behind on planting Cantelope due to getting furniture and such moved before the flood waters get in town.

If the river doesn't get them, they are looking good for now.


Welcome to!!

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Welcome to the new home of!

Hoping to use this to keep everyone posted on the Holmes Melon Patch travels and details, so you all get your black diamond watermelons and cantaloupe! 🙂